Committees and Managers


QCBFD's standing Committees are made up of volunteers who see that the assets of the District are maintained and protected, the services to be provided by the district are delivered, and a sense of community is maintained through various social and recreational functions available to all. The members and chairs of each committee are appointed by The Board of Governors. The following is the list of the current standing Committees and their functions. 

The Community Property Committee is responsible for identifying and managing the real estate assets of the District, landscape maintenance of all District-owned property, trash collection and the implementation of civic improvements approved by the Board of Governors. The Committee maintains maps and surveys of District property boundaries.  

The Finance and Budget Committee is responsible for the preparation of a proposed annual budget for the District each year and monitoring the financial condition of the District throughout the year. The Committee also work with the Treasurer and Tax Assessors to assist them in fulfilling their duties under the District’s Charter and By-Laws.

The Long Range Planning Committee looks at a broad array of issues that may affect the District in future years, including the preservation of District Assets and an adequate water supply. 

The Public Works Committee is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the District’s water supply and distribution system and the maintenance of District-owned roads and parking lots.

The Nominating Committee is appointed by the Moderator prior to each Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee nominates and recommends to the voters for election persons to serve as Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, seven other members of the Board of Governors and twoTax Assessors. The Nominating Committee may also nominate and recommend to the voters for election one or more Assistant Clerks and Assistant Treasurers. All such persons are nominated for one year terms, except for the Moderator who is elected for a three year term. The Nominating Committee may also recommend to the Board of Governors persons for appointment by the Board as the members and chairs of the District’s Committees (other than the Nominating committee itself) or as Managers.



In addition to the Committees, the Board of Governors appoints individual managers to oversee the activities described below: 

The Commissioner of Ballfield and Playground oversees the ball field, basketball court and playground and related equipment and runs softball games on the ball field.  Anyone wishing to use the ball field for an event must get permission from the Commissioner.

The Manager of Beach and Dunes is responsible for assuring the integrity of the beach and dunes within the District.  This includes maintaining the boardwalk and beach access points and doing what is necessary to promote and preserve the dune.  

The Manager of QCBFD Marina oversees the Central Beach Boat Launch Area located off Sunset Avenue.  

The Manager of Merchandise Sales orders and sells QCBFD logo items, with an objective of raising funds to support Special Events and improvement projects within the District.

The Police Liaison and Manager of Beach Gate Monitors has responsibility for access to the beach parking lot and communication with the Charlestown Police Department with respect to matters related to the District. It is important to remember that this manager does not have law enforcement powers. All emergencies should be reported directly to the Charlestown police.  

The Manager of Special Events coordinates all special events in the Community. Historically, these have included Opening and Closing Picnics, a July 4th Parade, a Scavenger Hunt, a Quonnie Dance, a Quonnie Social, and a Sandcastle Contest; but events may change over time and all events may not be held every year. 

The Commissioner of Tennis oversees maintenance and use of the tennis courts and manages the July Fourth road race. 

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Fire District website.

The Email Blast Coordinator is responsible for sending periodic email blasts regarding Fire District activities and business.