Central Beach Fire District Services

Beach Parking Passes
Each lot is provided with one beach sticker and one beach guest pass. Cars with stickers may enter the beach parking lot Monday through Friday, but guest passes are required for all vehicles on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

If you have a question about your passes, please contact the Manager of Beach Gate at policeliaison@quonniecentral.org.

Boat Stickers and Marina Parking Passes
Boat stickers are required for those boats that are left in the boat launch area. The parking pass and boat stickers may be obtained by emailing the Marina Manager at marina@quonniecentral.org.

Consumer Confidence Report
The Consumer Confidence Report on water quality is issued in June for the previous year. Click here for latest report.

Trash and Recycling UPDATE Sept 2023

  • Year round garbage and recycling collection on Mondays by our new provider CWPM.
  • In July and August and additional garbage ONLY collection will be on Thursday
  • Garbage and Recycling will be collected only in the QCBFD 95 gallon bins or similarly compatible bins of at least 60 gallons in size. The bins must have a metal grab bar and flip open lid.

These bins must be placed near the street with the metal bar facing the street and the handle and wheels away from the street. The bins should be set about 2 feet apart. If the bins are not properly placed, they will not be picked up.

CWPM will pick-up ONLY items placed inside of these bins. DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS OUTSIDE OF THE BINS. They will  not be picked-up and will only hinder the collection truck operator.

Do not secure the top of the bins with bungee cords, rocks or any locking device. 

Recycling guidelines can be found at this link.

Individuals can also take trash and recycling to the Charlestown dump. The town requires a permit and there are fees.

Mark Alperin
Community Property Committee