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Happy Summer!

Long Range Planning Meeting

August 6, 2022  10:30am

600 West Beach Road  Charlestown, RI 02813

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Special Events for Summer 2022!

Hello to Summer 2022!! We have an exciting season ahead of us filled with wonderful events to enjoy with your neighbors. Attached is a snapshot of our full schedule and make sure to look out for our new community cookbook Quonnie Cooks! alongside all the great merchandise on sale Sunday’s at The Shed starting this weekend. 

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Spring Packet Information:


If you have not yet picked up your QCB spring packet, please email Julie Low at: jhendersonlow@gmail.com and arrange a time to pick it up at 38 Lucas.
Beginning Saturday, June 25th there will be guards on the block. Please plan on having your sticker or pass available to enter the parking lot. 
If you are renting your house this summer, be sure to remind your renters there is no eating or drinking (except water) on the beach. 


Please review garbage and recycling issues

As stated in the previous e-Blast from Community Property, we will not be using the new carts at present as the new garbage truck is waiting for parts that have been delayed due to supply chain issues. So continue to use your current containers until notified.  

Key Points:

  • All garbage must be bagged. 
  • Recycling items cannot be bagged . Each recyclable item must be placed in separately. Recyclables may be mixed and must be placed in recycling bins with contents visible; not in a bag or box.

Click here to read the attached memo carefully and follow these instructions.

Boat Stickers Available by Mail

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Important Message from the Long Range Planning Committee  

Last summer the Long Range Planning Committee started a project to develop a Comprehensive Plan for our community. Many of you attended the “visioning” sessions we held and shared your comments and ideas. Since then, a sub-group of the Committee has been meeting weekly, conducting informational interviews with subject matter experts, community leaders, longtime residents, younger residents, and newcomers.

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Recuse and Recycling Update - May 27, 2022

We will not be using the new carts until the hauler receives truck parts that have been delayed due to supply chain issues. Please continue using your current containers until notified.

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Help Wanted 

The QCB Police Committee is looking for responsible members of the community ages 14 to work the block this summer. You need to be comfortable greeting & interacting with everyone coming into the beach parking lot (biker, walker, driver) and be able request and enforce a proper QCB beach guest pass or sticker. If you know of anyone interested in working the block, please email: jhendersonlow@gmail.com


Important Water Alert:

With many opening summer homes with Spring in the air,
PLEASE make sure outside faucets, showers, and toilets are not running.



2022 Committee Meeting Schedules

Board of Governors

Finance and Budget Committee

Long Range Planning

Community Property

Public Works

Nominating Committee




Dates are also posted on the Calendar


Charlestown Special Notices:

For  local Charlestown, RI COVID 19 information go to the town's website at www.charlestownri.org 


Recycling information:

Individuals can also take trash and recycling to the Charlestown Residential Collection Center: Check here for rules and regulations or the Westerly Transfer Station.

Water System Updates:

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Note: Previous email updates can be found under the Email Blasts Tab on the home page. 


Please Note:  A bulletin board has been placed on the side of the new shed next to the QCBFD tennis courts.  This bulletin board is only for postings by the Board of Governors and QCBFD Officers, Committees and Managers.  All notices of meetings and agendas will be posted on this bulletin board.  Thanks to Dave Devin for making the bulletin board.






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Email Blasts

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Tide Charts 

Weekapaug Point tide chart

To estimate tides in Quonochontaug Pond near the QCBFD Boat Launch, go to specific date in Weekapaug Point  tide chart and calculate:

For high tide - add 20 minutes
For low tide – add 40 minutes

41°20'N 71°45'W

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