Rules and Regulations

This page contains the following Rules and Regulations approved by The Board Governors

Rules and Regulations                         

As approved by The Board Governors

The following rules and regulations have been promulgated for Owners, their Tenants and Guests, to further the maximum peace and enjoyment of Central Beach.





Fire codes require operative smoke detectors in all houses.
House numbers must be prominently displayed on homes.
The posting of tradesmen’s and realtor signage is strongly discouraged.




Authorized Guest Pass and/or sticker is required for vehicle access to the parking lot, including golf carts.
No picnics, food or beverages except water shall be brought onto the beach.
No throwing of balls or Frisbees near people.
No surfboards, kayaks and other hard-edged craft may be taken onto the beach.
No skim boarding or jet skiing is permitted near swimmers.
Bicycles must be parked in bike racks.
No dogs or other animals are permitted on the beach.

Fireworks that are ILLEGAL in RI include firecrackers, rockets, mortars, aerial fire works or any other devices that launch a projectile and/or make a “bang” or detonate.



Speed Limit on all Central Beach Roads – 15 MPH

All children 15 years of age and younger should wear helmets when riding bicycles on QCBFD private roads.
Low speed vehicle /golf carts are restricted to persons who possess a valid state issued license.
No outside burning without permit.

No overnight parking is permitted on the streets, at the beach parking lot, at the boat landing or in other public areas.



Garbage and Recycling will be picked up every Monday throughout the year.

During July and August there will be a second collection every Friday.


Garbage collection is limited to 90 gallons of normal household trash and 90 gallons of recyclables. 

Refuse must be in tight fitting containers that are animal proof.

Things such as brush, furniture, grass clippings, construction debris, engine parts, etc need to be taken to the dump or the homeowner should arrange a special pickup at the owners cost.

If you need to arrange a special pick-up, you may contact Steve Piccolo and Sons Trash Haulers.  He can be reached at401-954-2715.  Leaving a TEXT message is best.


By Town ordinance, all households are required to recycle.  RI state website for information regarding recycling rules is:





Use is limited to Owners, Tenants, and their Guests.
Users must register, in person, for a reserved time slot on a sign-up sheet at courts.

The tennis courts are for tennis only.



Pick- up of dog waste and proper disposal is mandatory.
Dogs shall be leashed at all times.




Watering of lawns and shrubs using water from the QCBFD community wells is limited to hand held sprinkling devices only. No soakers or sprinklers at the end of hoses. This rule applies year round.


Between June 30th and the Tuesday after Labor Day we ask that residents make an effort to do outside watering only before 8 a.m. and after 8 p.m.


In Ground Sprinkler Systems


Homeowners’ underground sprinkler systems must not be connected to the Central Beach Public Water System. The Public Works Committee will continue to assess compliance to State Regulations.


Water Cross Connections


There are strict rules forbidding "cross connections" of private water systems, wells, and the connection of in-ground watering systems to the District Water System.  If you have any questions on these restrictions, please contact




No major construction, demolition, or excavation during the months of July and August. Start all non-emergency construction after Labor Day.

No construction on weekends unless for emergencies.

No construction before 8 AM or after 6 PM.

No construction vehicles parked on roads or adjacent properties.

Workers to keep radio and voice volume low, yards clean, and dumpsters emptied regularly.

Homeowners are responsible to inform contractors and subcontractors of The Community Consensus towards Summer Construction.

New Construction and Septic Work


While building permits and zoning variance requests are directed to and approved by the Charlestown authorities, QCBFD has an inherent interest in all projects based upon the proximity of these properties to the public water supply lines. 


If you or your contractor are going to do any digging within 15' of Central Beach owned roads, in our roadway or anywhere near the water shutoffs, please contact the Chair of the Public Works Committee at





For New, Replacement or Repair Septic Systems

Homeowners are to provide the Public Works Committee with a copy of the approved ISDS plan showing the correct placement of our ( Central Beach 's) water lines for new, replacement or repair septic systems, and that an impact fee of $500 be charged by the Treasurer.


For Construction Projects over $50,000 

A Road Impact fee of $1000 will be collected for any construction project over $50,000 for which a permit is issued. The impact fee will be collected on the anniversary date in each year in which the construction occurs with no  proration.
At the same time the Road Impact Fee is collected a security deposit of $5,000 will also be collected by the District, to be held in a non- interest bearing, segregated account, pending the inspection and approval by the Public Works Committee that the District right-of-way and the assets of the District within the right-of-way have been adequately repaired, restored and protected.



Road Boundaries and Maintaining Right of Ways


Central Beach owns the roadways to a 40 foot width measured as follows: From 5 feet inside the telephone poles across the opposite side of the street or 35' from the utility pole line. The moving of mailboxes or other plantings located on this property must be done in cooperation with the Fire District. Further, the Fire District has the right to disturb and not replace any plantings, boulders or improvements within said road boundaries in the course of maintaining the roads and its water system.


Property owners are required to maintain all trees, shrubbery and grasses and other improvements and/or fixtures within the unimproved section of the District’s rights-of-way adjoining their property, in a manner to prevent unsafe or dangerous conditions.  

This includes the removal, by the property owner, of any obstruction that impairs safe or free movement on District roads and maintenance of adequate sight lines at corners for safety.

 The maintenance, by the property owner, of all trees overhanging District roads, to a height of no less than 13.5 feet above District roads to provide access by the Fire Department.

Golf Cart Usage - Regulations Governing the Use of Low-Speed Vehicles/Golf Carts


The rules and regulations listed below pertain to the use of low-speed vehicles/golf carts on Central Beach roads and community property, including parking lots and rights of way. Such rules are intended to guide QCBFD residents toward the safe operation of such vehicles.

Operation of a low-speed vehicle/golf cart is restricted to those persons who possess a valid, state-issued, motor vehicle operators’ license.

Operators must obey the maximum speed limit of 15 miles per hour on all Central Beach roads.

The number of passengers allowed is limited to the number of seats available on the low- speed vehicle/golf cart.

 The number of passenger seats is based upon the manufacturer’s specifications and may not be modified by the owner and/or operator.

 All passengers must remain seated at all times during operation.

 No persons shall operate a low-speed vehicle/golf cart in a careless way so as to endanger the person or property of another.

 Headlamps and appropriate rear lighting or reflectors are required for all operations during the hours between sunset and sunrise.

 Low-speed vehicles/golf carts are subject to the identical rules and regulations as all motor vehicles and automobiles with respect to parking in any/all QCBFD parking lots, including the beach, boat launch, and tennis court parking lots. Such rules include, but are not limited to, the requirement for QCBFD parking stickers/passes in all parking lots. No low-speed vehicle/golf cart may park in any QCBFD parking lot without the requisite parking sticker and/or pass required of all motor vehicles and automobiles.

 It is the responsibility of each low-speed vehicle/golf cart owner to maintain liability insurance, either as separate motor vehicle insurance or as a rider on such owner’s homeowner’s insurance. 


NOTE:QCBFD does not provide advice to residents about the scope or adequacy of their individual insurance coverage. We have been informed that neither a standard homeowners policy nor a standard motor vehicle policy may cover the use of golf carts in QCBFD and that a separate policy designed specifically for golf carts may be necessary to obtain such coverage. Residents should consult their own advisers and agents to determine what insurance they may need.


Operation of low speed vehicles/golf carts is enforced by the Charlestown Police Department.


Golf Carts are not permitted on West Beach Rd, Seabreeze Ave or Sunset Dr as they are Town-owned roads.


Bicycle Safety

In recognition of the fact that bicycle accidents are a major cause of head injury and helmets are known to significantly reduce the incidence and severity of head trauma and, in recognition of that fact many states, including Rhode Island, have enacted laws requiring bike helmets for children riding on bikes on public roadways.  All children 15 years of age and younger should wear helmets when riding on bikes on QCBFD private roads.



Marina facility is available for use by QCBFD Lot Owners, their tenants and their guests.

Boat decals are required to seasonally store vessels at the marina in designated areas.  Lot owners are entitled to 2 decals/lot at the cost of $30/decal.  An additional decal is available for boats utilized to access moorings.

Moorings are requested through the Town of Charlestown Harbor Master.

Outhauls are to be maintained by owners.

Access to launch areas must be kept clear at all times.

Marina users shall remove any trash or debris from marina.

Marina Pass or QCB sticker must be shown to the QCB parking attendant to park at the Marina.

Please limit boats seasonally stored at the Marina to 14 feet, to assure we can operate within a very limited space for storage, launching of crafts and car parking.

Boats on hand trailers/dollies are allowed.

 No vehicle towed trailers are permitted to remain on property.

Winter storage is not allowed – all vessels should be removed no later than Dec 1st

Vessels may be returned in Spring after the current year decal is obtained and affixed to the craft.

The Marina is closed after sunset.

Please be respectful of the adjacent neighbors.