Recent APRA and OMA Compliance Issues

Formal APRA and OMA compliance complaints and related material will be posted here

In 2014, a resident filed two complaints against the Fire District with the Rhode Island Attorney General.  Earlier this year, the RI Attorney General issued his findings.  The findings of the AG, as well as the moderator's response, are posted here.  If you would like the complaints and related documents from 2014 and attachments to the 2016 moderator's responses , please email the moderator or clerk and they will send them to you.

2/22/16 Attorney Generals Findings in MacDougall vs Quonochontaug Central Beach

3/7/16 Response to Attorney General  February 22, 2016 APRA  Decision

4/4/16  Supplemental Response of Attorney General February 22, 2016 APRA Decision